2 Hours, 2 Colours, 10 Prints: 50 € p.P.

Max. 8 persons.

Friday, 1. Febuary from 19 to 21 h

Bring friends, colleagues, digital or analog artwork and fun and have a relaxed 2 colors session to learn all about RISO printing! And take away the complete 3000 36-Color-Sample and your freshly risoprinted master piece – you choose your favourite colors and paper! All levels are welcome. We speak English and Hessisch.

Apply now for the next 2c-Session: riso@drucken3000.de






RISOPRINT CHÉRI drawing & printing workshop with french illustrator Sarah Vignon

sold out! Tuesday 29th January from 19 to 22 h 

50 € p.P. including your 2-colour master piece printed with the Risograph and drawing supplies.
Groups starting from 6 persons. 3 hours.

Realize your own Riso-printed A4 poster and discover more about the Riso. No stress about your artistic skills, all levels are welcome! We will have a relaxed evening (summer sessions in the beautiful garden!) and by the way learn all about Riso. We speak fr., engl., dt.
Apply now: riso@drucken3000.de







1 Hour, 1 Master, 10 Prints, 1 Coffee): 30 € p.P.
Groups starting from 3 persons.

We show you all DOs & DONTs about the Riso.
You’ll learn how to create your color-separated grayscale PDF and print your first color master. Includes material costs for 1 own artwork to take away. Bring your artwork, laptop/USB-stick and friends!
By appointment: riso@drucken3000.de

Wir zeigen dir die Möglichkeiten und Unmöglichkeiten des Risographen und erklären dir alles Wissenswerte. Du lernst, wie du dein farbsepariertes A3-Graustufen-PDF anlegst und druckst deinen ersten Farbmaster. Beinhaltet Materialkosten für 1 eigenes Motiv zum Mitnehmen. Bring Artwork, Laptop/USB-Stick und Freunde mit!
Nach Vereinbarung: riso@drucken3000.de










Drop by and print with us:
We take the time to bring your project perfectly on the Riso.
On request, we can produce test-prints with different colors, papers or grids, optimize your print files if necessary and print with you. Bring your laptop or editable files with you!
You only pay the printing and paper costs of your project according to our price list.
By appointment: riso@drucken3000.de


Gerne drucken wir dein Projekt gemeinsam mit dir. Vereinbare einen Termin und wir nehmen uns Zeit, dein Artwork perfekt auf den Riso zu bringen. Auf Wunsch fertigen wir Testdrucke mit alternativen Farben, Papieren oder Rastern, optimieren ggf. deine Druckdateien. Bring deinen Laptop und Layoutdaten mit! Du zahlst nur die Druck- und Papierkosten lt. Preisliste!

Termine: riso@drucken3000.de