PLANET RISO „Faltkarten“

PLANET RISO (X-Mas-)Faltkarten

Join us on Planet Riso and design & print your very own folding cards with illustrator Mina Braun! Come along for a fun evening of drawing, collage-making and printing, during which you will learn how to turn a greyscale image into a colorful RiSO print. Together we will look into color-separation and explore creating artwork made of just two colors. At the end of the evening you will have your very own edition of seasonal cards. 

• €70 p.P., incl. your 10 riso-printed (folding) postcards (A6 size). 

• What to bring: 

– Your design ideas: drawings, photos, collage material. Images need to be in greyscale.

– Black and grey drawing materials like pens, pencils or chalk. Paper & some drawing materials will also be provided.

• 19–22 Uhr @ Drucken3000, Ackerstraße 22, 10115 Berlin.

• group size: 6–8 people

We speak English und Hessisch.